9 Reasons why FAKE life can kill you before your death day

Reasons fake life can kill
Most people tend to live their life the way they feel is right while some follow the way it comes/goes on in their environment. This is saying there are numerous things at play when it comes to choosing a particular lifestyle viz; environment (street), peers (same age or more), media (television, newspaper, internet), models (celebrity) and lots more.
Be that as it may, living based on any criteria highlighted above can lead people to the right channel or predisposes others to living a fake life. orientation and maturity level of people determines the path they tread towards surviving – living and existing.

Nevertheless, it comes with no surprise that a lot of people – male et female lived as fake being in many realm of their endeavour – relationship (inter/intra), communication, outfits… just because of the goodies of this life. Without mincing words, here are the reasons why living as fake can be costly to you and people around you;
  • It brings about loss of opportunities – not just one e.g. marital, work related
  • It leads most times to total neglect of the person
  • It leaves eternal scars on the receiving end 
  • It can cause psychological and emotional problem
  • It causes public disgrace for the receiving.
  • It causes distrust among friends and family
  • It causes loss of integrity.
  • It brings about short time happiness with longtime suffering
  • It can lead to your sudden death if care is not taken.
To amputate this common story, youths (adults) from anywhere in the world needs to be cautious of how they live their lives and the risks involved for self and others respectively.
#Live Wisely - Do not copy#
#Be Yourself#


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