Gagging the Agony of Nigerian Graduates Today (Nigerians See This)

Agony of Nigerian Graduates
The beauty and strength of every living nation of today lies in its human resource turnout yearly but the realities differ from across the globe with the Nigerian experience a thing of concern. The once celebrated set of people “Graduates” in Nigerian state of then saddled with hope, are now the much worried set of people today. 

It was noted then that at the point of graduation there comes the good tidings of life (good standard of living – accommodation, wealth, fame and lots more). What has happened to the good old days? Do you care to know? REMEMBER, Change is the only constant thing in life. 

Nevertheless, the drastic changes that took place over the years had reflections in all facet of human endeavour particularly the life of graduates. Although, the predictive odd (proliferation of tertiary institutions, availability of little or no industry to absorb the turnout rate, lack of foreign investors, lackadaisical attitude of the government towards the future leaders “If there’s any at all” and thereabout supersede the even – Job opportunities, Job Placement, Job Promotion based on MERITS and not CONNECTIONS. 

Amidst all the downturns today, relatively few graduates lived the life of their dream on merit grounds, the larger percentage of the merited (prospective graduates) lives in disarray, unhappiness while some obviously deserve their experience due to their input in school and lack of practical knowledge and skills. Do not get it wrong here, some so-called graduates are the architect of their misfortune because they have nothing to offer. Ask yourself, what can you offer in your chosen discipline? 

All said and done, the concern here are the never-tired, highly spirited, prospective and success driven graduates limited by forces beyond their control and manipulation. Have you ever wondered how they survive? Or say the pains they go through? I therefore bring to your notice their pains and sufferings because I know them, see them around, as if am not part of them. 
  • Some are totally unemployed. 
  • Most of them are not gainfully employed – under employed. 
  • Some are self-employed striving so hard in a breathtaking economy. 
  • Most of them lack the basic necessities of life – they therefore know hunger to the extent of giving a perfect description of the situation without missing any piece at all. 
  • They are mostly frustrated by job offers they see without having to benefit from it at the end of the day – irrespective of their qualifications and how hard they try. 
  • Some take up menial or contract jobs below their status just to fend for themselves - all in the name of surviving. 
  • Some live with psychological problems as a result of joblessness. 
  • Some are frustrated to the extent of perpetuating socially disapproved behaviour while some died out of frustration. 

All the aforementioned cannot quantify the pains of Nigerian graduates today but I advise you stay strong thinking critically on how to break the CHAINS without indulging in any criminal related form of behaviour.


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