Mark Zuckerberg Visit to Nigeria; Tips and Considerations

Mark Zuckerberg in Nigeria
         Like Linda Ikeji posted about the visit of Mark Zuckerberg to Nigeria I hold no different opinion about that considering his status (financially and socially) globally. Although, many powerful world leaders had stepped their feet on the green soil but he is not what anybody expected at all at the moment. I therefore see no reasons why Nigerians will slay Aunty Linda.

          Anyway, there is more to what is obvious to the general masses about the visit of the World Number 7 Richest Man. I bring to your notice few tips and considerations of BILLIONAIRES considering MARK ZUCKERBERG visits to the giant of Africa.
Billionaires Tips and Considerations
1.     Billionaires do not wander about except for things that will benefit them in particular and other people indirectly. They do not tour around the world without any goal and motive attached to it.
2.     They live a low-key life styles compared to many thousandnaire and millionaires who show-off every now and then. This is noticeable in their outfits (clothes, shoes and wrist watches...)
3.     They see abstract things (what is not obvious at all to a lot of people except for liked minds)
4.     They do not underestimate the human race (they value and belief strongly in individual gifts/talents/skills). This is why you see them around different kind of people (children, youths, aged …) given hope to the hopeless and the hopeful
5.     They are not a fan of racial discrimination. This is why they move freely around the world in search of the Golden Fleece (human and material resources).
Obviously, all these criteria matched the mindset and lifestyles of the CEO, Co-founder of Facebook. Don’t get it twisted, his visit to Nigeria is never an error but rather a path to assist the government to ameliorate the social milieu – say unemployment/poverty in Nigeria which in turn brings him financial returns, social accolade and national credit.
Amidst his tours from around LAGOS (YABA, IKOYI or thereabout) to the delicacies prepared for him. There lies an hidden agenda that will be uncovered sooner or later. Although it was stipulated on his official page that he came to meet developers/entrepreneurs and learn about the startup ecosystem in Nigeria. Stay cool and watch the full scenario happen.
All the tips and considerations aforementioned fits the lifestyles and mindset of BILLIONAIRES from anywhere in the WORLD.


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