Innovations Sustaining Nigerians Today; Diminishing Values in Return

Innovations Diminishing Nigerian Values Today
Society today hold in high esteem certain code and conduct which might not be common to other nations of the World - within/outside their continent. Practically, the fashion sense of the Westerners today (Americans and co) is totally contrary to the African (Nigeria in particular)
ideology. Values thence differ from the global north to the global south which makes understanding individual orientation (background, culture, values) paramount before raising eyebrows.

Since independence, values/customs/traditions of Nigeria as an entity had been successful melted/suppressed/changed (in part or in whole) at the expense of the borrowed phenomenon. Occurrences in the 21st century is a living proof of the above from any angle of analysis; polity, economy, family, religion, education. Economically, the deeds as a result of globalisation is quite diminishing lot of values without any trace.

For instance, the modelling job today (for the ladies) is more or less the parade of natural boob butt which is contrary to the African sense of dress code. As Nigeria economy toughens, Nigerians traditional values began to lose its stand and standard because survival is all that matters at all cost- pursuit of money wise illegally is now the order of the day.
Noticeably, recent trends for surviving economic downturn is linked to Ponzi schemes, networking business, betting system established through the internet and social media sites by Nigerians and non-Nigerian. Such schemes are Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox (MMM Nigeria), E-cooperative, MMM West Africa, Entrepreneurship Forum, iCharity, Bet 9ja, Rich Forum, Naira Bet, MerryBet... The most controversial of all these innovations is MMM Nigeria which left people in stitches (agony) as they vacated operations in December 2016 and resumed fully January 2017.

On another note, Yahoo-Yahoo (Yahoo Plus inclusive) from the onset is often frowned at by all and sundry. As time roll by, security agents (Police - Special Anti-Robbery Squad SARS) starts generating personal revenues through them, some parent encourages their wards due to the extravagant life Yahoo boys live, some often go to the extent of equipping their child with the wherewithal to thrive in the illegal cyber business. More worrisome in this case is the trending child (by the name Segun Wire) that says when he grows up he wants to be a Yahoo Boy. Quite absurd, people find fun in his utterances while values are diminishing at a faster length amongst people of his age and beyond.

Due to the implication of the innovations (listed above) values diminishing day in day out are;
  • hard work through vocational skills (entrepreneurship) or education
  • living a moderate life without yearning for what's outta reach
  • the decency of outfit
  • patience as regards luxuries of life
  • contentedness with one's financial state through hard work
#Operation Save Nigerians Value# 
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