How to Save People from Committing Suicide in a Breathtaking Economy

Save People from Suicide
When someone we love or acquainted with commits suicide, the most common question on our lips is 'Why did he/she do that?' especially in cases where the victim did not leave behind any clue as to the reason why. I feel our lips should be dancing not to gossips nor our assumptions as to what made the victim resort to suicide but to what we could have done to help as family, friends, neighbour or acquaintance. 

Many a time, we respond to people's indirect cry for help in very harsh manner. We say things like 'If you don't like it, go and die', 'Do you feel you are the only one with problems in this world?', e.t.c. Though, those words are not intended to hurt other people's feelings but it could happen to do just that. 

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We would be surprised at how much a 'simple accidental smile' or a 'good morning', could make another person's day better. Maybe we couldn't have stopped that person from committing suicide or maybe we could have; we can never tell, but we can help by not being a part of the problem. 

The harmless things to consider as a neighbour, colleague, acquaintance or friend to prevent people from taking their lives are highlighted below; 
  • To that neighbour that always sit alone, pass
    How to prevent suicide
    a smile each day when you walk by. 
  • To that your colleague that always feel as if she can never make it through that exam, let her know that she is doing better and you believe that with a little more determination, she can compete with the best. 
  • To that acquaintance always feeling left out, let him know that he is loved and cherished. 
  • To that friend that feels like her life is falling apart, it is only so that a better structure would be erected and that amidst every rubble, there is always a pebble with a diamond cut. 

Let's learn to always remind people of how important they are and how proud we are of them. Don't be negligent in treating others well and should we ever realize someone needs professional help, we shouldn't hesitate to direct them to people who can help and ensure they get the necessary help; because though we may not know it but we might be saving someone's life and family from grief.


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