Dammy Krane Alleged Fraud Saga; Moral Lesson for Nigerian Youths

dammy krane alleged fraud
Popular Nigerian Hip-Hop artiste with the name "Oyindamola Johnson Emmanuel", also known as Dammy Krane alleged credit card fraud on 2nd June, 2017 has raised lot of eye popping reactions from Nigerians home and abroad. According to TripJet, the Faleela crooner booked for private airline with fake credit card. His action was therefore narrowed to a 9 count charge which revolves around grand theft, credit card fraud, intent to defraud, identity fraud, forgery, and conspiracy.

Internet has been fried, diced, roasted and burnt ever since the news broke out. Lot of shady comments have been passed to the music artiste by all and sundry (particularly the EFCC says; 'Ladies and gentlemen, please do NOT mortgage your future in exchange for the transient thrill of ostentatious display. #EmbraceYourTruth) - 99% of such comments revolves around living a FAKE LIFE.

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Be that as it may, Nigerian youths are obliged to learn from this shady act which brought nothing but; 
  • public disgrace to the music crooner
  • international stain to his career and future
  • shame to his family name
  • loss of respect and dignity to a commonsensible being
  • bad signal to the outter world who strongly believed Nigerians are fraudsters
  • shame to the generation of up and coming youths
  • daunting stain on his music career
  • loss of fans to mention but a few.
All the highlighted points, justified a breach to indigenous Yoruba cultural heritage which preached sternly hardwork, perseverance, patience, moderacy, commitment and other good values you can ever think of.

The moral lesson for Nigerian youths today says;
  • live within your means
  • do not be covetous
  • do not live to please anybody 
  • remember to guard and protect your family name (if not yours) at all times
  • remember the daughter and son of whom you are 
  • remember your cultural values/heritage at all times
Above all, live responsibly.


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