Ten (10) Key Observations from the #EndSARS Movement so far and the Future

Ten (10) Key Observations from the #EndSARS Movement so far and the Way to Go

#EndSARS movement is not a new development in Nigeria as it's first call dated back to the year 2017. The movement started and usually ends by the declarations of the government that the unit Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) has been disbanded from the Nigerian Police. The same thing has been happening whenever the youths raised an eyebrow on the inhumane practices of this unit from the year 2017 up until 2019.

This year's clarion call to end the brutal activities of SARS took a different shape, approaches and tactics from across the Western, Eastern, and Southern part of Nigeria while the Northerners were on the other side of the reality. What then were the keynotes from #EndSARS movement so far? Kindly feed your minds below.

  1. The acclaimed lazy youths by the President has risen in one voice regardless of their sociocultural diversities to speak against the brutal nature of the Nigerian police, especially those representing the unit SARS.
  2. The youths were so organised, well-coordinated and peaceful throughout the whole engagement while the SARS officials further displayed why their disbandment is imperative having killed and injured some protesters.
  3. The momentum of this campaign was well-grounded as it reflected in the level of online and offline engagements of people from across the world. Hence, the struggle was supported by average Nigerians at home and diaspora, celebrities from home and away, organisations from within and without, bodies at local and international level.
  4. The youths identified the problems with the unit SARS and also proffered workable solutions by campaigning for the reformation of the entire Nigerian police force. Isn't that a reasonable push at this time?
  5. The movement sourced for their funds online and offline to ensure the continued agitations until their voices are heard. Those funds were used judiciously to cater for protesters needing necessities at any point in time.
  6. The Nigerian youths were environmentally friendly as they cleaned up the protest ground as they march on. Isn't that a good indicator of the thoughtfulness and consciousness of the Nigerian youths? 
  7. The Nigerian youths were dogged against all odds to make their voices heard. They stood up together to speak on all platforms against the barbaric practices of the Nigerian government. 
  8. Let it also be known that the incumbent President didn't speak up on the matter until after five (5) days of the protest.
  9. The main agenda was to address the unnecessary interrogations of people and the barbaric treatment of an average young, productive and creative Nigerians on the street. Hence, it was earmarked that the protest wasn't for the Yahoo boys and girls but to correct the existing culture of brutality, rape and killings by the SARS.
  10. Over ten young Nigerians were killed, several individuals were injured during this protest while some were seized and sentenced to serve some years in prison. Through popular demands online and offline, the protesters in the custody of the Nigerian police were released. At the extreme, it was noted that some thugs were sponsored as seen in Abuja and Lagos to disrupt the protest.

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On this note, this year's #EndSARS movement took a better shape and we hope the movement will birth the result we long to see in our society. We deserve a better government. We deserve accountable leaders. We deserve abundant opportunities. We deserve quality life. We deserve better infrastructure. We hereby join others on the protest ground to say no to #youthextortion #policebrutalityinnigeria and #badgovernanceinnigeria  


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