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Twitter Ban in Nigeria: Important Considerations and Way Forward

Twitter was literally banned by the Federal Government of Nigeria yesterday the 4th June 2021 owing to the removal of the genocidal posts made by the Presidency on his official Twitter page. Correspondingly, Facebook also removed the post from the Presidency page too due to its incitement of violent threats towards average Nigerians. We really do not know if the Federal Government will ban Facebook too. It's very funny and unexpected that Nigerian government placed a ban on Twitter in the country and also used the same app to make such post. As at today, 5th June 2021, the Twitter app is still working without the use of VPN and I wonder what a ban it is and when it's going to take its full effect. To think a press conference was organized immediately after the removal of the Presidency's post on an app against many heinous acts going on in the country without receiving such attention is telling us many things. One, this government has chose to prioritize comedy against the

Why You Should Attend Social Media Week (SMW) 2018?

Africa’s Largest Tech & Digital Event is almost here again! The Social Media Week Lagos 2018, themed “Closer” is set to hold from February 26th to March 2nd, 2018. This year’s conference promises to expose how technology can harness people "closer" amidst geographical boundaries. The event is set to hold at Landmark Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

How to Outsmart Core Restrictions for Blogging Success

Businesses today regardless of their nature face a significant amount of competitions, and restrictions in order to make ends meet compared to yesteryears. Some of these blocks (in fact majority of such) go a long way to determine the immediate success and long-term relevance of businesses as the World continue to change.

Why Gossip Bloggers get more than they Bargain for TODAY

Blogging as a lifestyle or form of business has enveloped within itself many dimensions people can focus on, in order to pass the desired message across to an audience. The dimension at which bloggers focus on differs based on one's interest - sports, technology, news, food, lifestyle, education, health, relationship, entertainment or gossip respectively. Basically, all these dimensions form the basis for blogging while it is also possible for a blog to encapsulate different dimensions (aside gossip) trying to educate its audience on what is happening in all walk of life. Such is the case of Realities of Today's Blog .  However, writing in the name of "blogging" has the tendency of exposing the author(s) or the site owner to different form of attacks - abuse (verbal/physical), law suit, imprisonment at the extreme as a result of publishing inaccurate news about people's lives, organization or a particular government. Among the platforms enlisted earli