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How Constituted Authority of Today Manipulate the Minds of Nigerians

Special thanks to Governor Ajimobi of Oyo State for bringing to limelight the longtime coinage "constituted authority". He has indeed justified the prestigious seat, the power inherent in it and the attitude portrayed by people of the seat. Noticeably, the constituted authority in Nigeria of today is the ‘All Progressive Congress’ operating at all levels - federal, state and local with an ideology to change the then limping economy.
As Medical Doctors rely on their surgical tools and instruments, and the Judge's pronouncement is incomplete without a gavel (say hammer), then the Constituted Authority cannot but operate with the aid of certain elements for running its affairs. At this juncture, one should reason about the elements used and how they prevail.
The elements in question here are the three P's - Politricks, Press, and Propaganda which work for the benefit of the government. The elements highlighted above work inter-relatedly and inter-dependently by manipul…

How Consciousness Can Free Nigeria from Slavery of Today

Since Nigeria got their independence, things have been comme ci comme ça, just as the holy spirit was wandering on the surface of Water. Invariably, the leadership of Nigeria has not yielded the much-anticipated freedom from the slavery of the British era. However, it is worrisome that slavery thrives in the hands of the ruler even after the demise of colonial masters as against the masses' interest.
Slavery today is noticeable on various platforms; the relationship between the ruled and the ruler; the share of nation's wealth; available opportunities to move from one status to another; discrimination on a regional basis (West, South, North, East); choice of leadership and lots more.
All the highlighted form of slavery came prior Nigeria's independence and still thrives in contemporary time "21st century". This is indeed a part of the justification for the under-developed state of the self-proclaimed "Giant of Africa" among her contemporaries. The agre…

How Justice System Guard the Rich and Crucify the Poor in Nigeria

The saying “all are equal before the law”, means the law that binds the poor, binds the rich remains questionable in some part of the World today, Nigeria in particular. The fact that equality before the law justifies fairness and justice on paper, it does not manifest in Nigeria's case where the rich get away with crimes (financial in particular) while the poor is condemned and crucified for similar act in Nigeria's case where the rich get away with crimes (financial in particular) while the poor is condemned and crucified for similar act. 
Equality before the law is a basic right in the Nigerian constitution - where the content emphasized on the protection of human right at all cost. This rights has therefore been manipulated by certain people in the country regardless of what the law says. For instance, political office holders (expected to be public servant) who seem to be covered with immunity clause commit financial related crimes and are subjected to little or no perse…

Worries and Shame of Celebrating Ex-Convict with the Caption "Lion is Back"

The return of the former Governor of Delta State, Chief James Ibori, from UK jail has been applauded as a great defeat by his kinsmen. The Oghara born was welcomed with great celebration, ranging from thanksgiving to congratulatory messages on the media, even after serving a 13-year jail term in the United Kingdom.

Personally, I have less issue with people (of Delta state) painting the whole town red to celebrate his “victorious” return, what I'm mostly concerned about is the metaphor used to describe him in a congratulatory message in one of the Nigerian dailies-“the lion is back”. 
SEE ALSO; President Muhammadu Buhari Death Rumour - Tips and Considerations I cannot but be perplexed at the pride, effrontery, and encouragement these people have given him to do more.  What is so “lionable” in being an ex-convict? A disgrace to the nation, A bad example to the youth, A  living testimony of corruption - who used looted public funds to buy luxury homes; fleet of cars and a private jet.…

President Muhammadu Buhari Death Rumour; Tips and Considerations

Arguably, the death of a poor man in the society has no meaning and account to the general public while the sojourn of a rich popular person raises a lot of eyebrows. Simply put, the irony of life is like a chameleon full of dramas where life is light while the opposite (death) is "darkness". The respect given to the life of an individual is directly connected to their position in the society (profession, occupation, national duties/assignment), which therefore grants them the same respect at their demise.

Death rumour in Nigeria's politics is not a new development to the updated/informed being from inception till date (except for cases withheld for traditional rites). Among the list of the death-rumoured dignitaries who lived afterwards were;  Awujale of Ijebu Land - Oba Sikiru Adetona,Ooni of Ile Ife - Oba Sijuade Okunade, Governor of Kogi State - Yahaya BelloFormer Delta State Governor - Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan,Former President - Ibrahim Babangida, Former President - Olu…

Why Trumpism Ideology Will Harm Americans Unexpectedly

The greatness of America as a nation today has a connection with the contribution of people of different races (white, black or half cast) from earliest time till date. Since Rome was not built in a day, special praises should be given to appropriate contributors - governor, president, entrepreneur, inventor, e.t.c.
Noticeably, the arrow head of the United States of America,the President had been instrumental in the struggle for development from the days of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, George Bush's, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, and recently Donald Trump. Outcome of  the 2016 Presidential election left people (within and outside the states) shocked as the World anticipated for the first Female President due to poll results and debate. SEE ALSO; Why Panicking for President Trump will Break you MORE However, the ideology of Donald Trump's "Trumpism" during and after election remains worrisome due to its manifestation even at the early days of gover…

Reasons Why Gambia's Abacha Fears Status Quo CHANGE

Gambia - one of the tiniest country in Africa governed by both democratic leaders and military lord from inception till date is currently under duress for a new course. The earliest noticeable twist in Gambia's leadership and governance can be attributed to the successful coup-de-tat carried out in 1994 by Lieutenant Yahya Jammeh (now incumbent President) and hosts of other young officers against President Sir Dawda Jawara. Since the transition, history holds that the experience of the ruled had been worrisome due to series of human rights violations recorded against Gambians (causing inhabitants fears) and others on Gambia soil. 
As democracy became the order of the day in the globe (African soil inclusive), the military lord "Gambia's Abacha" created the platform for the switch/transition. He triumphed at the first engagement in 1996, same as 2001, 2006, and 2011 while his fifth quest in 2016 came as a shock (just like Hillary Clinton defeat). Noticeably, the 2016…