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#Silouhettechallenge everywhere: Where do we go from here?

Technology no doubt brought good tidings to the world by making the world closer and making things easier to do. On the other end, this same technology has been successfully interrupting existing status quo, especially cultural standards. In some nations where they preach and practice liberalism, it isn't a worry for them but a continent like Africa naturally despise such behavioural displays in the public arena. Although, what Nigerians have traditionally frowned at is gradually becoming the order of the day, today. All these can be publicly seen in dress codes, hair styles/cut, music genre and all, thanks to the internet.  The internet no doubt quite useful but it's porosity is gradually becoming a major issue, especially through the #onlinechallenges rolled out every now and then. There are good online challenges (on food, health, exercises...) put together by celebrities for cultural enrichment. However, there are those online challenges threatening to pluck out one's e

Queen Beyonce and Jay Z Welcome Much-Awaited Twins in Los Angeles

According to Mathew Knowles - Beyonce's father; the music goddess, stylish fashionista and actress "Beyonce Knowles-Carter" who married  JayZ (one of the best rapper today) in the year 2008 has safely delivered much-awaited twins in Los Angeles yesterday -18th June 2017.  READ ALSO; The Reign of Stars in Contemporary Times The family now has three (3) children to deal with - Blue Ivy and (twins name undisclosed at the moment).  Blue Ivy now has worthy competitors for the goodies - money, fame, and power of their parents. I want to believe this marks the end to childbearing Queen Bey (enjoy the rest of your sex life). We the entire crew of Realities of Today's Blog wishes you an happy ending  #WeSayNoToDivorce #CongratulationsBeyonce  #CongratulationsJayZ #CongratulationsBlueIvy  #weCelebrateYou

You Only Live Once (YOLO); Rest in Peace Bukky Ajayi

The most precious gift that happened to planet ‘earth’ amongst other planets in this current dispensation is the gift of life. Living is what makes everything spinning, changing, and progressive over time across national and international boundaries on earth. The organisms inherent in earth served different purposes for the survival, sustenance, and continuity of the system. However, the input of man as the most sensitive living being in the spinning of the earth cannot be underestimated. Lifestyles of man from time immemorial tend to justify this assertion because they always find means of surviving/ progressing under favorable and unfavorable conditions. In this current epoch, man irrespective of gender differences performs more than iota of roles directly or indirectly for the continuity of the system. Nevertheless, the fact that man can only live once leave them with their discretion of life, how it operates and how to live it. Since human being are rational thinkers, t

The Reign of Stars in Contemporary Times

The breaking of the day cometh with significant and noticeable alteration of God’s natural undying gift keeping the World going. On a day to day basis, the Sun either sets or shines, the Moon brings clarity or darkness, the Wind travels at the speed of light, while the Star glitters like Gold, Silver and Bronze.  Human beings as the most sensitive of all living organisms can be likened to a ‘Star’ if the discovery of their potentials is made and utilised to the brim. Thus, possessing one’s possession goes a long way to bring a lot of goodies –fame, wealth, power, connection to man’s existence.  On a societal level, there is a distinguishing factor between a ‘star’ and a commoner. The way society parades/celebrate/respects a star differs from a commoner. This is manifesting the preferential treatment enjoyed by people as a result of their talent, skills, or potentials. These skills can manifest in various institutions; entertainment, sports, infotainment, and so on across th