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Saturday, August 26, 2017

What Boko Haram Sect has Successfully Proved So Far in Nigeria

At the mention of Boko Haram sect operations in Nigeria via any news platform today, what pops in peoples' head is another bizarre occurrence - massive destruction leaving occupants of the affected area in fear, tears and agony. This feeling has engrossed the minds of Nigerians as far back as its early occurrence in 2007 till this present time.

This sect name "Boko Haram" literary meaning western education is a sin has proven so many things through Western education in Nigeria. The extent at which this sect has wrecked havoc remains frontline amidst earlier actions of other insurgencies/civil wars in Nigeria. In light of these, it is worthy to enlist what Boko Haram Insurgencies have successfully proved so far in Nigeria.
  1. They "Boko Haram " are more strategic than the Nigerian army - the most feared military squad in Africa. 
  2. They are more knowledgeable of the nooks and crannies that link to Nigeria than Nigeria itself.
  3. They are well equipped with arms and ammunitions than the Nigerian Army.
  4. They are unstoppable by the Nigerian Army.
  5. They have more manpower strength than the Nigerian Army.
  6. Nigeria is not a safe haven to plight one's trade
  7. Nigeria through its' agencies on air, land, water cannot guide and protect its citizen.
  8. Nigeria on its own cannot survive an external attack should the case arise.
  9. Western education is capable of doing all things - the good, the bad and the ugly.
By strategy, Boko Haram sect has proven to be more strategic than the Nigerian army because series of inhumane activities have been carried out on Nigerian citizens and their properties while the most feared military squad in Africa remains redundant to cushion the disaster. Without mincing words, this sect has successfully bombed major places (churches, markets, viewing centres...) in Nigeria, kidnapped school students (case of Chibok girls), impregnated the kidnapped victims and lots more.

In light of these, it is quite worrisome that the most feared military squad in Africa efforts are fruitless as we continue to hear daily news of bombing here and there.

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Basically, the geographical entity of any "nation" i.e. the nooks and crannies of any nation should be best known by its agencies (police, army, navy, and air force respectively) in order to crush any insurgency. Unfortunately, it seems the Boko Haram (who are not Nigerians) have the full knowledge of Nigeria and its environs more than Nigeria itself. This indeed is a huge shame to the Nation at large.

By manpower, it is arguable that the Nigerian armies in total are more than the Boko Harams. This, therefore, correlates with a private chat I had with a soldier on my trip to Kaduna who justified that some of the so-called Boko Harams were children (the drafted almajiri's) originally Nigerians who joined the sect since they lack basic needs (food as important than any other ones - needs).

Since the issue of Boko Haram lingers on today (from the days of former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan), it can be assumed that the manpower strength of Boko Haram is more than that of the Nigerian army. Just saying.

Nations of today tend to put together several agencies - air, land, water just to ensure the protection of the lives and properties of its citizen. As at today, the case in Nigeria justifies that the protection of the lives and properties of Nigerians are in God's hands due to the rising spate of insurgencies (particularly the Boko Harams in the north), cases of kidnapping from all over the country (north, south, west and east), daily reportage of bloody killings with the removal of their sensitive parts.

In simplicity, Boko Haram and other cases highlighted above justified that Nigeria's agencies - Police, Army, Navy, and Air Force are incapacitated to protect citizen's life and their properties. So shameful as a nation.

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Attack faced by any nation today might be an internally generated heat or an external one. What is significant in the case of Boko Haram is that it is an internal crisis i.e. within Nigeria. Since the case of Boko Haram - which is internal in nature - cannot be crushed totally without propaganda, what hope lies for an external attack.

Better put, a living example is the current row between President Donald Trump of the United States and North Korea's Kim Jong-un. Do you think the nation that fails to crush an insurgency will survive an external attack? Just saying.

According to Boko Haram, western education is a sin. What a worthy definition from the sect that uses 99.9% of its product to be heard. It is assumed that western education is a sin but they believe strongly in the use of bombs, guns, radios, internet facilities and lots more.

Well, this sect has successfully proved that western education can either be used for a good purpose or a devilish one. As used by them, western education enables their voices to be heard through videos, while the bad note is the continuous bombing of several places in Nigeria.