Forbidden Fruits Ate by Nigerians in Diaspora; Tips and Considerations

"Home, sweet home" they say. Whenever the home is not rosy or palatable for the homies (dwellers), hope lies outside the beloved "home" for their survival and development. Nigerians regardless of their complexities; ethnic groups, religion, race spread across the face of the
earth like the sky.

Invariably, Nigerians of any colour are seen as a tourist with different motive/goal achievable through socially acceptable means or the societal forbidden fruits. Forbidden fruits used in this realm is a frowned-at form of behaviour locally or internationally. Although a forbidden fruit in diaspora might not be such at home, one needs to be cautious of where he is; thereby accepting and internalising their realities.

By reputation, African nations (particularly Nigeria) have been underscored in various fronts as they relate to outer world (other Nations of today). In essence, Nigerians like other blacks are branded/labelled as bad omen due to the way they have interacted with others- which is why Donald Trump's discrimination against blacks race is worthy of reckoning.

Nonetheless, the household name for the forbidden fruits ate by Nigerians in the diaspora is "crime". Although crime is a part of every living activity but it is quite worrisome when the perpetrator of such act is an outsider - a native of other land/nation. Forms of such frowned-at behaviour are;
  • cyber crime
  • drug sales and trafficking
  • prostitution (male and female)
  • 491 (Advanced form of 419- fraudster)
  • sales of human organs (kidney/liver)
All the above are fashioned out as a surviving scheme in diaspora either to replenish the family members at home or for a status change. These acts have therefore brought the name of Nigeria to dust due to deportation rates, importation bans, temporal/lifetime imprisonment and at the extreme, public extradition (deaths).

NOTE: the forbidden fruits in question are held in high esteem by nations today which made it attract severe punishment to any perpetrator. GOD BLESS NIGERIA to the extent that checking out other nations will only be for tourism and not for SURVIVAL.


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