Why Ijebu-Ode Will Not Experience Desired Development Anytime Soon

Ijebu-Ode and Development Issues
Ijebu-Ode, one of the popular town in the heart of Ogun State - Nigeria, remains less-developed from earliest time till date for numerous reasons. One of which is why people move in and out of the area majorly for celebrating yuletide season (Ileya, New Year, Ojude Oba...). It is, therefore, worrisome when rich folks of Ijebu origin flocks around major cities within and outside Nigeria, leaving their beloved home in an apologetic state. This state is apologetic because Ijebu-Ode could not boast of certain essential elements (good roads, employment opportunities, sound/affordable public health care system, vibrant business activities...).

There are numerous factors raised to justify why Ijebu-Ode will not experience development anytime soon among her contemporaries. Carefully, go through these factors and see for yourself

Interest of Ijebu's
It is often believed that interest of indigenes is a formidable factor to consider whenever there is a need for change and development. Such change and development will be undesirable when the occupants (indigenes) are not convinced and ready for such alteration regardless of how lucrative it might seem. 

The interest of Ijebu's (indigenes not migrant)  is vehemently the first and paramount factor to consider if development is likely to surface in the area. There is a common saying, "Kekere Ijebu - Owo ni, Agba Ijebu - Owo ni" (meaning - small and elderly from Ijebu are stinkingly rich). It is worthy to ask few questions at this juncture; Where are the riches catered to?, Why are the riches not channelled towards the development of this area? How does the area benefit from their riches?

Going by the saying above, it is agreeable that development of the area should not be a problem since the wherewithal is within reach. However, due to the state of the area at present, it is apparent to note that the interest of Ijebu's (particularly the rich ones) are not formidable enough to help the area out of its state of epilepsy.
Location of Rich Ijebus
The quality of people occupying one area/jurisdiction arguably goes a long way to determine the level of development in the place. In essence, an area populated by poor folks is less likely to experience development compared to an area populated with rich and average folks where basic amenities and infrastructures are not joked with. The mixture of poor and rich people in an arena is quite preferable to an arena flux with poor folks for development tendencies.

In Ijebu-Ode for instance, the larger part of its occupants is average people coupled with a large number of poor folks. Location of rich Ijebus before and after fame is worthy to mention for weighing the chances of achieving development anytime soon. Most rich Ijebus live outside Ijebu (precisely far away - within and outside Nigeria) but often visit their self-built house "occasionally" during festive periods.

Had it been the majority of them "rich folks" lived in the area, they will be familiar with the apologetic state of their beloved area and see the necessity to put certain essentialities "good road network, improved security measure/agency, job opportunities..."  in place.

Lack of Job Opportunities
Availability of varying opportunities for occupants diversities (educational background, ethnic group, gender, occupation, religion) is an important pointer for achieving development in any area. On the other end, the non-availability of these opportunities would affect the individual cost and standard of living.

In Ijebu-Ode, job opportunities are scantily available for all and sundry. When indigenes of Ijebus find nothing sustainable to do, what hope lies for the immigrants. Lack of job opportunities is, therefore, normal in Ijebu-Ode because industries are in diaspora.
Myopic Minds of Most Self-Reliant People in Ijebu-Ode
Entrepreneurial orientation has proven to be the deciding factor behind the development tendencies of any nation whatsoever. In essence, the minds of occupants as regards business activities goes a long way to determine the extent at which development can surface in the area.

I begin to ask myself, why small scale enterprises flocks around Ijebu-Ode. This is agreeable because the total number of containers and shops in the area itself is equivalent to the number of houses in the area if not more than.  However, the noticeable businesses in the area are "Filling Stations" which does little or nothing to either contribute or enhance development in the area.

Security Challenges
Security of life and properties is a proven yardstick for measuring development in any area in the World. In Ijebu-Ode's case, security of life and properties is not guaranteed regardless of the criminal justice system presently situated in one corner of the town. It is indeed worrisome if a popular town in the heart of Ogun state "Ijebu-Ode" still battles with the insecurity of inhabitants life and properties.

Anyway, Ijebu-Ode will not/never experience development anytime soon if adequate attention is not taken into consideration - to reduce cases of armed robbery, shop burgling, kidnapping, extortion... Although this scenario is noticeable anywhere in Nigeria, it is quite disappointing when the same security agents in the area demonstrate efficiency when dignitaries have a function.

Absence of Industries
Availability of industries is a key decider for ensuring development in an arena  - the more industries are situated in a place, the more likely such place has developmental tendencies. The prominent industry in this area is the banking industry which has little tendencies of contributing to the development of the area because the banks are majorly situated in one area of the town (Folagbade to be precise).

Since security challenges are inherent in the area, investors won't find the place attractive and safe for their business. Non-availability of industries capable of employing thousands of people in the area is another justification as to why Ijebu-Ode will not experience development anytime soon.

Without an urgent approach to these aforementioned facts, Ijebu-Ode development remains a mirage in totality.


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