Why You Don't Have to Joke with this Season of Ramadan

Season of Ramadan 2017
Ramadan! Ramadan!! Ramadan!!!
It is another season for Muslims all around the Globe to observe their yearly fasting and prayer. The importance of this season to Nigerians is nothing one can shy away from due to the awkward experiences in Nigeria today.

Actually, no sensible being from any religious background; Islam, Christianity or Traditional should be pleased with the situation of things in Nigeria. Hence, praying and fasting is a necessity for all and sundry regardless of their religious preference. Although, current acting President - Prof Yemi Osibajo said lately that Nigeria's situation has gone past fasting and prayer. Am sure he said that due to the level of havoc done by past governments.

I, therefore, obliged all and sundry to neglect the declaration of Acting President and purely dedicate their body, mind and soul (BMS) for the fasting and praying programme which is capable of resuscitating Mr President and the nation's economy as a whole.

In essence, I beseech you - brothers and sisters at home or in diaspora to kindly utilise this season for self, friends, acquaintances, neighbours, and importantly for your beloved nation "Nigeria". Taking a microscopic view of all that has happened since the transformation to the Change government, it is agreeable that lots of calamities have befallen Nigeria and its citizen. For instance, the nation's economy experienced a drastic fall, cost and standard of living dropped, new trends of perpetuating crime sprang up to mention but a few.

Since no condition is said to be permanent. And also because Change remains the only constant thing. This season "Ramadan" needs to be taken with utmost seriousness to ameliorate the highlighted setback. Thus, the incubated blessings in this season are more than enough for all and sundry to take with levity.

However, this Ramadan season will only deliver your portion of blessings if and only if;
  • your body, mind and soul are genuinely dedicated to the season practices.
  • your faith is as strong as your will.
  • you are full of hope with no room for doubts.
Against all odds, dedicate your BMS throughout the season and your story will never remain the same.
 #PreachLove #PreachPeace


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