As the Clock Ticks, These Things Can Happen to you Without Noticing

As the Clock ticks, These Happen

As the clock ticks, you begin to ponder which way to go or what step to take; 

As the clock ticks, you wonder why you have only been able to achieve some of your goals and not all; 

As the clock ticks, it bothers some older people that have yet achieved nothing, while some younger people are almost at their peak; 

As the clock ticks, it brings new challenges our way – some it weakens, some it breaks and some it gives strength; 

As the clock ticks, it brings you to new opportunities and ideas leaving you with how you maximize them; 

As the clock ticks, it gives you so many reasons to laugh or cry – depending on your fate at the moment; 

As the clock ticks, it reminds you of past memories you are grateful or sober about which makes you prepare for the future without giving a clue of the unforeseen occurrence that lies ahead;

As the clock ticks, it brings you to a crossroad of success or destruction leaving you in a dilemma of the right path to take;

As the clock ticks, it gives room for the lazy to wisen – up and wisdom to the hustler to double-up his/her hustling;

As the clock ticks, slow but steady only the swift makes it to the end of the pitch. 

What would you have yourself do with your ticking time now? 

No matter how fast or slow your clock ticks, undermining what it brings your way can be very shocking. There is only one fact that lives on; the ticking of your clock brings you closer to the end every now and then. 

Hence, live day by day to optimize your time.

Ozioma Felix Rejoice
P.K.A Yvonne Tee 


  1. As the clock ticks, it left you at the crossroad to decide which direction to take, success or destruction.

  2. You are right, thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    We hope to see more of you.


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