Why #EndSARS Campaign Alone won't do the Magic

Why #EndSars Campaign Alone won't do the Magic

#EndSARS campaign today, #EndSARS campaign tomorrow won't really give us the result we need in Nigeria. What then is the way forward? We all know the way forward to this situation if only we can make it happen. First and foremost, it is disheartening to think, hear or even see that the body saddled with the responsibility to protect lives and properties is in charge of its threat, extortion, brutality and killings at the extreme. I hereby use this opportunity to join others to condemn the acts of police brutality at any nooks and crannies in Nigeria.

It is indeed a shameful act at this age and time for the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) to extort, intimidate, brutalise, and at the extreme kill resourceful youths under the assumption of discharging their duties. There are no excuses for that but we need to understand that this act of terrorism in the Western and Eastern part of Nigeria is not an issue in the Northern part of Nigeria. Maybe, we can recategorise the Nigerian terrorists into the two groups; Boko Haram for the Northerners, SARS Operatives and Fulani Herdsmen for the Westerners. 

I must say its never a funny matter but that which needs urgent proactive and reactive measures from all stakeholders in the country. Online and offline protests are ongoing across the Nation. High-rank police officers are reactive to the situation by putting up a juicy write up to append the situation. Political office holders have placed a ban on SARS operatives across the nation. What then do we want? We don't want the body "SARS" again as operated. We want the implementation of this, not paperwork. We want justice for the lost souls. We want freedom of movement without fear. We want peace in our neighbourhood. We deserve an institution that can protect us. 

These are not collectively 'wants' but necessities to march up with the realities of today. We clamour for the restructuring of the Nigerian Police Force in its entirety to serve all (regardless of colour, status, location, ethnicity, religion...) without fear or favour. We need trained and cultured officers. We want a country of peace, not conflict. We want a better Nigeria. #EndSars #RestructureNPF #RestructureNow 


  1. I respect the fact that you classified the terrorism in Nigeria into 2 different part as stated in the second paragraph. I also agree with the last paragraph when you said we need trained and cultured officer and also we want a peaceful Nigeria.

  2. Thanks for your thoughtfulness and feedback.
    We appreciate you.


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