Why Banditry Issue Persists in the Northern Part of Nigeria?

Why Banditry Issue Persists in the Northern Parts of Nigeria?

For years now, some parts of the North has not been a safe haven for dwellers and immigrants due to the rising spate of terrorism and insurgency. This has been majorly propagated by the activities of Boko Haram groups, Shilla boys, herders and some other violent groups in the North. 

With the look of happening in the Northern part of the country, it shows a wide range of insecurity threats for dwellers, travelers, immigrants, and business owners. All these threats has been linked to the bandits who some people claimed to be indigenous Fulanis while others see them as international mercenaries hired from neighbouring countries to disrupt the activities of the state. Why did our North become so unsecured overnight? This article will reveal few reasons why Banditry issue persists in the North today.

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Firstly, the approach of the Northern leaders in the affected states has made it much more easier for the activities to persist. They were reluctantly quiet about the killings, kidnapping, and extortion on the Nigerian roads. If not for the roars in the South West, I wonder if their would be human beings there by now. Several online commentators claimed the involvement of these leaders in the activities of broad day light kidnapping of school children and other heinous acts. Responses of Sheikh Gumi on the need for Amnesty programme in the North as against Niger Deltans experience justifies the motive behind these reoccurring issue.

Considering the seating government affiliation with the Fulani, it is crystal clear that if the said killings and kidnappings were against the Fulani's cow and not even the individuals from the region, it is clear that the issue would have been settled. Before now, I am sure a lot of policies would have been made to cushion the effect, supported by strict punishments for any culprit caught. Also, the ethnic division between the Hausa and Fulani is another justification of rising spate of banditry issue in the Northern parts of Nigeria. 

Poor security system is another contributor to the reoccurring issue of Banditry. Matters were made worse by the lackadaisical attitude of the seating government to approach the issue with the right magnitude. Deploying commensurate number of public security officials like they did to curtail "Occupy Lekki Toll Gate protest" would have produced a significant result by bringing the culprits to book. Infrastructural setback of the police officers to engage the bandits with sophisticated guns is worthy of consideration. Besides, the wait-for-order rule can be another setback to curtail the activities of the bandits.

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Against all odds, these are issues affecting our security system in it's entirety. If you have any comment that would buttress the points raised above, please leave it in the comment section.


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