Why Kingpin Kidnapper - Evans Should be Utilized and not Crucified

Why Evans Should be Utilized

The story of billionaire Lagos-based kidnapper "Chukwudi Dumeme Onwuamadike" popularly known as EVANS has raised a lot of contending issues and would remain a remarkable occurence in the history of Lagos, Nigeria. As regards his crucifixion or utilisation, it is highly imperative to enlist the reaction of people towards the case. Some people hail his level of professionalism, some value-oriented folks crucifies his action while some intelligentsia sees more positive than negatives in the story of Evans.

Information gathered through the internet and his confession (via interview) on television stations revealed lots of jaw-dropping secrets about him and his modus operandi;
  • He is a knowledgeable and successful being in the business.
  • He has businesses outside Nigeria just to leave out unnecessary suspicion about his activities.
  • He chooses to receive dollars in all his dealings.
  • He is adequately knowledgeable of his terrain.
  • He knows the people that matter around him.
  • He is strategic in his dealings at all times. 
Due to these distinguishing factors, the Nigeria at present (who deems it fit to fight corruption) has gotten a strategic manpower who can be used for making ends meet. If you are wondering why a criminal should be utilised, you need to understand the requirements of nailing a higher criminal - experienced and strategic one. To support this notion, it is the belief of the Yorubas that "Ole lo mo ese ole nto lori apata". This saying simply means only an experienced/professional thief (criminal) can unravel another criminal footprint on a mountain.

At this juncture, it is advised that Evans should be drafted into the department of intelligence in charge of fighting corruption cases (DSS preferably) with strict monitoring, supervision, and law binding his involvement in criminal cases with a very good salary scale which might not necessarily meet his standard of living but it must not be too far from it. A close door meeting with Governor Ambode and important security personnels will aid the utilisation of this.

On another end, his investments in form of businesses can be brought down to Lagos, Nigeria just as punishment for his misdeeds. The state government should take care of the recruiting exercises for the firm and all other management operations - in order to aid the fight against poverty and unemployment. This act would, therefore, increase the employability of Nigerian graduates thereby reducing poverty level in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Another pointer that can leave the footprint of Mr Evans on Nigerian history (aside from this current misdeeds), is his business/entrepreneurial orientation. From all his dealings, it can be deduced that Mr Evans would be a highly successful businessman due to his;
  • intelligence,
  • in-depth understanding of the environment he lives,
  • strategic dealings,
  • technological awareness,
  • team player, and
  • game changer
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Invariably, the utilisation of this Evans group would do more benefits to Nigeria than his crucifixion. This is arguable because his crucifixion will only;
  • increase kidnapping businesses - the rest of the team are out there I believe (precisely out of Nigeria)
  • make Lagos rich folks live in fear as they would experience more cases of kidnapping
  • make state government gain the financial wealth of Evans at the expense of the benefits to the general masses and the reduction of kidnapping experience.


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