Saturday, October 08, 2016

Trending!!! Notorious Armed Robbery Squad Nabbed in Ijebu Ode

No one could ever imagine that an hardworking young mechanic with the name SEGUN situated at Omo-Owo with queuing customers could ever mastermind or engage in criminal related activity. On the 3rd of October, 2016, Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARs) stormed this man’s workshop (OKADA repairs) with their official duty bus for criminal related charges. At the spot, the street members were bewildered as to what SARs could be doing in an OKADA engineer workshop.
          Shockingly, he was questioned briefly for breach of public peace (criminal activities) which he denied before showing his accomplice behind the bus. At the sight of those nabbed, realities of life began to surface - facing the same fate as his co-criminals. At the spot, master key(s) were retrieved from him capable of opening doors (padlocks, gates…) with the exception of the heaven’s gate – am quite sure about that.
          While in the custody of the SARS, he had made numerous jaw dropping tours of his criminal related activities.
  • He confessed that all the shops alongside Omo-Owo and Ondo Road Axis were burgled by them. Particularly, one Iya Junior shop that sells provision, Cement Stores, Ankara Store, Barbers Shop, Pharmaceutical Store, Building Material Store, Local Restaurant and lot more.
  • He also confessed that he gives out Okada’s installmentally and also send out his boys to steal/collect the Okada, leaving the installment person in debt to pay. 
  • He also revealed that the clothes he used for his wedding were gotten from the Ankara store they burgled once in 2015 and recently 2016.
  • He also supply his wife with rice which they sell at the rate of 400 while the general price was at 500 or thereabout with the claim that the goods were gotten directly from Cotonou.
  • He also made declaration of using African magic during the operation. He noted he has varieties of it in his Opel Astra car - which can either kill immediately or gradually if care isn't taken. 
At the search of his house (not rented), lot of goods were retrieved; bags of rice, different forms of OKADA and it's part. Noticeably, within his stay at the OKADA workshop and his criminal related activity. He has left numerous people in tears and heartaches, some had actually quitted their businesses, while some had actually left the town (Ijebu Ode).
He his currently in the hands of the SARs, all hopes high JUSTICE get served.

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