See the Exact Plan Nnamdi Kanu Needs to Achieve more than Biafra's Independence

Nnamdi Kanu, the current frontier of Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) strategic plan to achieve the aim of independence (engineered by the late Odumegwu Ojukwu) for his region has been fruitless overtime. This is because the wish(es) of the small sect is statistically insignificant to other region/zone. Due to this, the intensity of the protest via different strategies (Radio-Biafra launching, public rally, use of placard...) as therefore led to his arrest and at the extreme a short trip to the total institution.

While in the custody, his followers agitated for his release without foregoing the ambition of seceding from Nigeria. At a point, his followers threaten the Federal Government of Nigeria "could anything happen to Kanu, Nigeria is finished. After so much tension and pressure, the efforts of his followers and well-wishers were futile by his release with certain bail conditions.

At his return, his BMS - body, mind and soul remains the same towards the targeted goal "secession" amidst his tour on the justice corridor. However, if they follow their forfeited/usual plan of secession as used between 1967-1970 civil war. Alas, the result would definitely remain the same. Nonetheless, there are better strategies hovering around the sea waiting for Nnamdi Kanu to fetch easily. Such strategy will do no other thing but to leave the said leader's (Nnamdi Kanu) footprint on Nigerian soil and particularly the Biafran's region.
Considering the popular saying "Whenever two Elephants fights, the grass definitely suffers", it is necessary to give the appropriate answer to these questions.
  • Why stir up what you don't have the strength to finish up?
  • Why start up what you don't have the manpower to end?
  • Why fight when there are better ways of winning?
  • Why cry for Independence when you can be much better without it?
Before I move on, the readiness for Biafrans secession from Nigeria seems unrealistic by the look of things - manpower strength, will and support. There is a practical and living moral lesson from what happened in Gambia. Remember the powerful - Yahya Jammeh which was once tagged "Gambia's Abacha", at the sight of massive destruction fled for his life at the darkest hour.

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Above all, I salute your C2S2 - Courage, Collective Consciousness, Spirit of Patriotism and Spirit of Brotherhood.In short, you are truly the son of your father. Igbo Kwenu

Against all odds, the workable plan for achieving more than Biafran's independence is to arrange a meeting with the people that matter (past/present Governors, Senators, Rural Leaders, Past President, Business Moguls) on pressing issues affecting the growth and development of the region. The said meeting whether online/offline should be channelled towards creating an enabling environment (amidst the current challenges; flooding, pollution of all kinds...) - where social amenities and infrastructures are readily available and accessible.

This sole act in itself will
  • make way for investors in the rebranded region,
  • make room for making ends meet within the region (Lagos might not be a necessary place to go),
  • improve the standard of living of dwellers,
  • reduce the cost of living of dwellers,
  • reduce emigration from the area,
  • increase immigration from other regions (since development has manifested in the area)
  • give room for the growth of the indigenous product, 
  • bring into limelight new entrepreneurs, and therefore
  • make Biafra agitation die a natural death
 In essence, the relentless efforts of Biafra agitation day and night can be used positively for the region and its development. When this region get it right, this might spur other regions to action - thereby leading to Nigeria's overall development. #OneNigeria


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