Reasons Why Gambia's Abacha Fears Status Quo CHANGE

Why Yahyah Jammeh Fears Change
Gambia - one of the tiniest country in Africa governed by both democratic leaders and military lord from inception till date is currently under duress for a new course. The earliest noticeable twist in Gambia's leadership and governance can be attributed to the successful coup-de-tat carried out in 1994 by Lieutenant Yahya Jammeh (now incumbent President) and hosts of other young officers against President Sir Dawda Jawara. Since the transition, history holds that the experience of the ruled had been worrisome due to series of human rights violations recorded against Gambians (causing inhabitants fears) and others on Gambia soil. 

As democracy became the order of the day in the globe (African soil inclusive), the military lord "Gambia's Abacha" created the platform for the switch/transition. He triumphed at the first engagement in 1996, same as 2001, 2006, and 2011 while his fifth quest in 2016 came as a shock (just like Hillary Clinton defeat). Noticeably, the 2016 attempt for continuity in governance challenged by the business mogul "Adama Barrow" took an unexpected swipe in favour of BARROW. 
Adama Barrow - President Elect
 Gambian President-elect Adama Barrow

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At first, Yahya Jammeh admitted the defeat (a replica of former Nigerian President "Goodluck Ebele Jonathan" act in 2015) while he contested for the annulment of the election shortly due to some irregularities by the electoral bodies under his watch. His worries and fears lie in the way the incumbent President and International community will treat his deeds while in office (from 1994 till date).

In simplicity, all actions to convince Yahya Jammeh locally by African leaders, ECOWAS, AU and internationally proved abortive as AU declares January 19, 2017 as the end of Yahya Jammeh reign as Gambian President. To cushion the disaster, Nigerian House of Representatives voted for his asylum while President - Elect revealed issues can be resolved from within. In response to AU declaration, Gambians are fleeing their residence for safety while incumbent President shut gate against the switch to a neighbouring country (Senegal in particular).

He is likened to Abacha in this post and not BABANGIDA because;
  • he ruled with an iron fist regardless of the transition to DEMOCRACY
  • he sponsored killing of antagonists
  • he is greedy to the core 
  • he ordered arrests of any opposition spotted (military and civilian)
  • he sees himself above the law (locally and internationally) which is why he violates human rights without worries
  • he instil fear in the heart of Gambians and its immigrants (this took him as far as 22years in power - 2016)


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