Five Mind-Blowing Kissing Techniques You Need to Master Today

Mind Blowing Kissing Technique

Trust me on this, you will never ever again crave for what's below the pants once you figure out how the sacred art of kissing can skyrocket your pleasure to unimaginable heights. In fact, scientists have confirmed that the mouth is a very erogenous zone. And if that is something to be believed, then it is quite foolish for a man to jump "the opening credits". 
We all know how very important it is for a man to master the art of bedroom moves if he is to satisfy a woman at all. Not knowing these moves could make a woman to leave your house before the dawn, without asking you for a lift, and even without telling you goodbye. 

Trust some women, this could get worse; your reputation as a "capable man in bed" will be spoiled and soiled before you finish saying, Jack Robinson. But a man who knows his way around the body of women normally gets free intimacy just like Podrick of Game of Thrones. (Side note: Game of thrones' fans are still wondering what Podrick did to those girls.). 

Having known this, it becomes essential that a man knows what works, tickles, and excites inside the bedroom. And to begin, you have to learn how to kiss. The reason for this is because kissing is an important gateway or introductory rites that could take your intimacy up a notch. And if you are going to kiss, it is important to learn how to deliver a very sensual and unforgettable kiss like an expert

So, tighten your seat belt. Here are the 5 craziest, se*iest and hottest tips on how to deliver the lip lock that will make your girlfriend not to eye another man ever again. 

Here we go! 

1. Feel the Electricity of Lip Brushes 

If someone told you that something as simple as brushing your lips against that of your lover could feel so magical, you would want to put it to the test before believing. But it works, in fact, you can pause the article right here and try it with any girl around (sorry, she should be your girlfriend). 

You must have noticed that very special moment when your lips almost touched hers. 
That spark! You certainly felt it! How amazing does it feel? 

Yeah, that's the kind the kind of ecstatic feelings that comes with killer kisses. But that's not all, check out the next hot tip. 

2. Who thought that "Bites and Nibbles" Could Feel So Good? 

The next level in this lip romance immediately after electrical lip brushes is bites and nibbles - an act that keeps you both on the throes of pain and pleasure, leading to lots of muffled "oh's" and "ah's". 

What's more? 
You can derive this pleasurable bliss without breaking a sweat. All you need to do is to gently engulf the lips of your partner and let your teeth gently massage the surface of her lips. Once that is successfully accomplished, the girl will melt in your arms. And you too. 

Have you any idea of what is happening then? 
Don't scratch your head. I will tell you. At that special moment, all the nerve endings and blood vessels are being agitated and activated by the biting.  Oh boy, you will understand what your biology teacher meant when she said that nerves are powerful and sensitive. 

And if you have ever doubted whether there is heaven, you might be misled to strongly believe that this... what you are feeling right now is heaven. Another sizzling tactic is right down below.

3. Bring it to the Boiling Point with Your Tongue. 

What kind of article on kissing ends without mentioning the tongue? 
Reddish, meaty and untainted by external factors, waiting to be called into acts of pleasure. 

Just at the height of the kiss heat, complicate things by using your tongue to explore the oral landscape of your partner. During this slow dance of tongues, curve your lips around the tongue of your lover and suck the hell out of it. It will always be good if you establish a rhythmic move here. 

The enjoyment you derive from this extreme tongue activity is almost ten times greater than what you enjoyed during the biting, licking and brushing of lips. 

4. Get Your Hands Involved 

Don't let your hands hang like limp fettuccini noodles.
They have lots of places they need to go - places that heighten the excitement of the intimacy. 

Once the kiss had reached the climax, the hand should become more active than ever - grabbing, groping and squeezing necessary sensitive spots; the hair, the neck, the breast and the waistline. 

You might be asking in your mind now what the heck, the hair is doing on the list. As it turns out, scientists have discovered that pulling on the hair delivers some pleasurable feelings. 

5. The Ear is Part of the Game Too 

From time to time, you should nibble the ear with the tip of your tongue. It is really mind-blowing when you try it out. Why that is possible is because of the earlobe and the tongue both have nerve endings. So, when you lick her earlobe, you are like bringing two wire endings together leading to a spark of feelings. 

When you have mastered these kissing methods, you can then slap an 'S' on your chest because you have become a "kiss Superman".

Lawrence Ozeh
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