Niger State Agricultural Manifestation; Prototype for Nigerian Government

NigerState Agricultural Manifestation; an Example for Nigeria
Agriculture - the mainstay of Nigerian economy from time immemorial before the discovery of Oil in the 70's can still not be underestimated in this current dispensation. A trip to Kaduna on Monday 7th November, 2016 saw the manifestation of agricultural produce in Niger state under the ownership and management of private individuals. 

Agricultural produce reflective in the land were Rice (Local), Beans, Groundnut, Pepper (Varieties), Cassava e.t.c. It is noted that majority of the produce were planted in acres of land with many local preventive measure. With the notion that Nigerian government should diversify from a her "blessed cursed" produce - Oil into agriculture due to the multiplier tendencies on economic growth and development. 

Nevertheless, the gains of Nigerian government from Agricultural produce as earlier experienced are not limited in this current time to the following; 
  • Assurance of food security 
  • Availability of job opportunities for inhabitants 
  • Reduction in the rate of unemployment (as a result of the above) 
  •  Poverty level at low ebb (same as above) 
  • Improved balance of payment (reflective in the growth/development of the economy) 
  • Enhancement of living standards of people (rural/urban) 
  • Achievement of sustainable development 
  •  Improved stand among Nations of the world (Not just Giant of Africa by mouth) 
Hence, the agricultural manifestations in Niger State and other states in Nigeria (Ondo State, Kogi State and lots more) are important pointers for Nigerian government to learn from. Although, there have been luxury of policies/programmes channeled towards agricultural development but the end seems not productive. 

Without mincing words, the Westerners (Ogun, Oyo, Ondo, Osun, Lagos) are mostly with lackadaisical attitude towards Agriculture reflective in the amount of land mass wasted (unutilized) compared to the Northerners. For a sustainable development to be realistic, it is highly essential for all the cardinal zones (South, North, West and East) to have agricultural orientations due to the fact that the monopolistic produce "Oil" returns cannot be equitable to the multiplier effects of Agricultural produce. 
#Embrace Agriculture# 
#Embrace Life# 


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