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Reasons Why President Muhammadu Buhari and co Seek Medical Care Abroad

The notion "health is wealth" is not just an assertion to the rich (as against the poor who placed survival first) but rather a do or die affair. In essence, the rich people "World Leaders", "Business Moguls", "Celebrities" (Entertainment Icon) seems to spend more money checking and rechecking their health status on a day-day basis for continuity of their lifespan. Due to the differences in the level of development across countries - such people tend to sort medical care within or outside their locals.
The case of African leaders is a pointer to the level of their structural (health in particular) imbalances which amongst other grant them the peripheral seat (as used by Immanuel Wallerstein). In simplicity, there are many developed nations of today (Cuba, America, United Kingdom, Malaysia, India, Israel...) which are way ahead of others (sub-Saharan Africa in particular) by standard of health care service and it's delivery to urban-rich,…

Innovations Sustaining Nigerians Today; Diminishing Values in Return

Society today hold in high esteem certain code and conduct which might not be common to other nations of the World - within/outside their continent. Practically, the fashion sense of the Westerners today (Americans and co) is totally contrary to the African (Nigeria in particular)

How Religion influences Politics; Pastor E.A. ADEBOYE Legacy

Religion and Politics from anywhere in the world (Nigeria inclusive) has never been for once "dissected" or totally independent from the other i.e. religion influences politics either negatively or positively and vice versa. The practicality of the aforementioned cannot be underestimated due to the accounts, records, happenings and scenario in the world today. 
To mention but a few, is it the; role played by the Islamic terrorist group overtime - ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram role of Emir of Kano and Sokoto at local levelpower vested in the hands of Pope or Imam on foreign affairsmight (weight) in their utterances as regards issue affecting the peace and stability of the state. Another unexpected/unanticipated rapport between religion and politics is attached to the recent action of the General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God (R.C.C.G) home and abroad in person of Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye. The much celebrated G.O personally decided to step-down (something diffi…

Common Misinterpretations of what Boxing Day Stands for

Boxing day is celebrated across the globe every 26th December of the Year (the next day after Christmas) with a lot of surprises but it is usually misinterpreted to mean something else by different people. What are the common misinterpretations?

How Fake CWAY Agent Duped Administrators of Primary Schools in Ijebu Ode

Nigerians have not stopped creating scenes with the path they trail in getting rich at all cost. Often times, people tend to go into; Money RitualsHuman Trafficking  Armed RobberyStealing by TrickEmbezzlement of public fundsDrug Trafficking Kidnapping for Ransom (Lately) The list is just endless....
SEE ALSO; Tears of Coming Together; An Awful Housewife Experience in 21st Century It is no longer surprising people go to the extreme to make money neglecting the ideal ways - for various reasons. The case that happened in Ijebu Ode will leave you in stitches. A woman presented herself as a CWAY (drink) Agent and approached Nursery and Primary Schools that the company is planning a Christmas Fun Fair for Kids at the Ijebu Ode stadium.
Pictures at the scene; the Fake CWAY Agent on CAP (More Pictures to follow)
The Approach was formal - using a letter to relay the message to the headmasters/headmistresses which made them believed at stance and gave her thousands of money amounting to mil…

Shiloh 2016!!! Annual Programme is Almost Here Tagged "My Case is Different"

December - the last, never the least of the 12 disciples is always loaded with powerful, intriguing and jaw dropping programmes (religious and co) from anywhere in the World. Noticeably, Churches (Old and New Testament) today had never underestimated the fact that "Decembers' Case is Different" as majority (if not all) of them loaded it with their annual programmes.

Living Faith Church Worldwide often called the Winners Chapel, holds her annual programme tagged "My Case is Different" come 6th December, through 10th December, 2016 at the usual arena "Canaan land" at Ota in Ogun State. The programme is also available on live streaming
By profession, there are different cases - not limited to; The Doctors, they are majorly used to case files.The Lawyers, they cannot do without cases. The Lecturers, they cannot but use case studies.The Teachers, there is always a need to understand individual differences - case.The (Chief) Judge, they always put an end to…

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Side of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)

The essence of National Youth Service Corps has been a bone of contention among all and sundry (academias, celebrities...) from time immemorial - one party supporting its continuity for national integration while the other negates it totally for its shallow impact on graduates and his after life. Having served some years back, I bring you the joy, shocks and the tears of the scheme "NYSC" termed - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Side of the Game.
GOOD SIDE OF NYSC The beauty of NYSC lies in its Three Weeks Orientation Course filled with lot of electrifying moments with people from other regions of the country. The camping for three weeks is always like a lifetime in itself because it leaves corpers with more than enough memories (bad/good) to live with.

 Without mincing word, here are the good side of NYSC; It enhances spirit of nationalism and patriotismIt preaches love amidst ethno-religious issuesIt encourages self on life after schoolIt breeds spirit of brotherhoodIt crea…

Open Letter to All Parent; Why Most University Student Graduate with Poor Grades

Success in life agreeably is all about proper preparation and determination of individual in any calling but many predators could scupper the chances - academic performance and achievement is no exception. Academic performance of student today is a compendium of factor within and outside the learner's realm - school factor, teacher factor, parent factor, environmental fact and student factor. The master keys of all is the S.T.E - School, Teacher and the Environment having agreed that the student factor is well tidied.
The school characteristic is quite important to the attitude, perception and knowledge shown by student on/off campus. School standard - facilities available for teaching-learning process (buildings, labouratories, projectors, e-library, manual library, university residential system...), monitoring and supervision of teaching exercise (cushioning unnecessary habits).

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The learning environment is ano…

Open Letter to All Student; Learn Now or Suffer Greatly in any Academic Level

University system today is an open place where all the realities of life are noticeable without having to use a microscope. In essence, the university is a no man’s land (federal, state or private ownership) where people converge from diverse areas within and outside the locality for academic pursuit. Although, the amount of student with the ultimate desire to fulfill the desired goal are relatively few today compared to the massive fashionista, party crooners, money hunter, and lots more. 
Annexing further, the conglomeration of people hereby comes out from any of these connections; friendship, dating, relationship, and relatively marriage. Involvement in any of the aforementioned affiliation goes a long way to influence the outcome of the students (psychologically, emotionally, socially…) irrespective of the family background and orientation. On another note, the beliefs of the university visitors are worthy of mentioning which can be seen as a replica of what we see today. In simp…

President Muhammadu Buhari Remark on Aisha Buhari BBC Interview

The comment made by President Buhari on her wife “Aisha Buhari” interview with BBC has been a bone of contention lately within and outside Nigeria (Washington Post). In case you never heard, President Buhari of Nigeria pronounced that “My wife belongs to the kitchen and the other room” in response to the interview her wife granted with BBC revealing her opinion come 2019 due to the economic state of Nigeria while he was in Germany beside Chancellor Angela Merkel. 
READ ALSO; GIST GOVERNMENT (GSQUARE) Considering the African race, the belief is a perfect description of their woman. But, considering civilization where education and its antecedents is not streamlined or segmented to one party (precisely the male), the reality is just the other way round of the African mentality. 
Within this epoch, where ladies had made (still making) tremendous impact in human history which cannot be underestimated. Such notable ladies flocks around in low statistics from across the world viz; Magareth …

An Open Letter to All: How to connect with your future speedily

Be aware your "future" cometh whether or not you consciously create it sooner or later. For you not to be shocked, it is therefore paramount for you to work  towards determining it's outcome with all the necessary tools and strategies within your reach.
However, it is advised you provide sincere answers to few questions raised below before reading further. Do you think you have a future at all?Can you describe your future? If you think you have oneHow close are you to the future?How sure are you the future will come the way you're expecting it?What are you doing today to decorate the future?
Without mincing words, it is highly expedient you walk in line with shared universal principles (if it is alien to you) to get to where your soul desire as at when due.
Major Tips/Keys to a Successful Ending Basically, tips shared underneath revolves around you; your mindset, and your attitude towards life respectively. Be ready and prepared for the sake of your future to go throu…

Trending!!! What hope lies for Tomorrow?

The preoccupation of philosophers, economists, and sociologists thoughts from time immemorial had at any point in human existence been about bringing to limelight the obscurity of tomorrow. These ability to predict the mirage is very rare (uncommon) has it can be termed as precious gift of life. In the midst of social milieu, scholars (intellectuals) i.e. practical minded fellows gives a description of the moment and how to better such in the future. 
‘Tomorrow’ originally designed to be an hidden agenda beyond the manipulation of man except for spiritual revelation or intervention. Although, “tomorrow” never comes it’s reality remains today with us. This corroborate with the saying “No one knows tomorrow”. As a student who wants to achieve the best in life he/she needs to work endlessly today according to her ability to ensure the ‘tomorrow’ he wants comes to say. A public servant, devoted to his/her duties at the office does that to ensure daily bread in present times and in mirage…

Jenifa's Diary: What you need to know!!

Jenifa’s diary is one soap opera that everybody looks forward to watching because it is comic filled. When you get moody you only need to  light up your mood by getting your ribs  cracked by this comedy TV series. Jenifa’s Diary is undoubtedly one of the biggest local TV shows in Nigeria right now. I mean, a show that won awards at the AMVCA 2016 for best male and female in a comedy TV show.

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Unfortunately, not everyone got the concept of the TV series. Most people  are being carried away by the funny acts and the bad expressions.. Either  consciously or subconsciously  this soap Opera  always  teach viewers a lesson one way  or the other  after each episode. Due to its teachability.. Few have been able  to learn the following attributes, Though a lot more was thought and expressed

1. Believe in your slay
Jenifa was like the queen of colour block until she had a life-changing experience literally but as a colour block queen, she never f…

9 Reasons why FAKE life can kill you before your death day

Most people tend to live their life the way they feel is right while some follow the way it comes/goes on in their environment. This is saying there are numerous things at play when it comes to choosing a particular lifestyle viz; environment (street), peers (same age or more), media (television, newspaper, internet), models (celebrity) and lots more. Be that as it may, living based on any criteria highlighted above can lead people to the right channel or predisposes others to living a fake life. orientation and maturity level of people determines the path they tread towards surviving – living and existing.
Nevertheless, it comes with no surprise that a lot of people – male et female lived as fake being in many realm of their endeavour – relationship (inter/intra), communication, outfits… just because of the goodies of this life.Without mincing words, here are the reasons why living as fake can be costly to you and people around you; It brings about loss of opportunities – not just one e…

Gagging the Agony of Nigerian Graduates Today (Nigerians See This)

The beauty and strength of every living nation of today lies in its human resource turnout yearly but the realities differ from across the globe with the Nigerian experience a thing of concern. The once celebrated set of people “Graduates” in Nigerian state of then saddled with hope, are now the much worried set of people today. 
It was noted then that at the point of graduation there comes the good tidings of life (good standard of living – accommodation, wealth, fame and lots more). What has happened to the good old days? Do you care to know? REMEMBER, Change is the only constant thing in life. 
Nevertheless, the drastic changes that took place over the years had reflections in all facet of human endeavour particularly the life of graduates. Although, the predictive odd (proliferation of tertiary institutions, availability of little or no industry to absorb the turnout rate, lack of foreign investors, lackadaisical attitude of the government towards the future leaders “If there’s a…