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Another Chance for Ijebu State to Come to Life; Take it Now or Wait Another Decade

As earlier highlighted on this blog, Ijebu-Ode the most popular pillar in the region of Ijebu as at today lack certain basic elements capable of scuppering the long desired cry for Ijebu State. The cry for Ijebu-State is apparently not a new desire by the Ijebus as it dated back to the reign of Ex-Presidents; Olusegun Obasanjo, Umar Musa Yar'adua, and Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. In this present dispensation "Buhari's"; the bid, urge and the cry for Ijebu-State remains at a low ebb because the challenge "economic turbulence" they met superseded their expectations and preparations. 
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See the Need to Save the Reserve Armies "Casual Workers" from the Sambisa Forest

Special thanks to the enduring spirit of Nigerian soldiers out there who continue to fight relentlessly under a breathtaking weather in Sambisa Forest (regardless of the death of their brothers in the struggle/fight for the nation's security). Sambisa forest as described in the Nigerian dailies is a forbidden place (at present), dangerous to ply one's trade due to the presence of the Boko Haramist. This forest can be likened to the Nigerian organizations today - private parastatals where reserve armies "casual workers" plies their trade.
By statistics, majority of organizations today utilize the reserve armies (especially females) to the brim offering them different bizarre treatment as they walk through the Sambisa Forest - often called "office". The pain and agony of employable graduates should remain the cause for concern to all and sundry in a higher position of authority but their interest remains fond in accumulating wealth for the nation (at the ex…

Reactions to Doyin Okupe's Notion on Why Osinbajo Must not Contest if Buhari Dies

Quoting, Doyin Okupe the former Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs to former President Goodluck Jonathan (2010 - 2015) of Nigeria noted that Vice President Yemi Osibajo should not contest come 2019 if Buhari dies. He said the current Acting President (while the President-elect undergoes medical treatment abroad presently) should not vie for The Presidency come 2019 for the sake of the Northerners. Okupe's stand is based on the way and manner Zoning principle is highly respected and strictly followed in Nigeria's politics but certain circumstances beyond human control have often truncated such plans. For instance, incapacitation as a result of ill-health which can later lead to the demise of the Mr President is a serious issue. When such cases arise, constitutionally all power shifts gears to the Vice President.

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The first experience Nigeria had under the reigned of late President Umar Musa Yar&#…

Why Ijebu-Ode Will Not Experience Desired Development Anytime Soon

Ijebu-Ode, one of the popular town in the heart of Ogun State - Nigeria, remains less-developed from earliest time till date for numerous reasons. One of which is why people move in and out of the area majorly for celebrating yuletide season (Ileya, New Year, Ojude Oba...). It is, therefore, worrisome when rich folks of Ijebu origin flocks around major cities within and outside Nigeria, leaving their beloved home in an apologetic state. This state is apologetic because Ijebu-Ode could not boast of certain essential elements (good roads, employment opportunities, sound/affordable public health care system, vibrant business activities...).
There are numerous factors raised to justify why Ijebu-Ode will not experience development anytime soon among her contemporaries. Carefully, go through these factors and see for yourself
Interest of Ijebu's
It is often believed that interest of indigenes is a formidable factor to consider whenever there is a need for change and development. Such c…

Buruji Kashamu Kindness "Donations" to Ogun State Parastatals Today

The name Senator Buruji Kashamu is a popular name in Ogun State known for a lot of empowerment programmes to citizens within and outside Ogun State. He has, therefore, supported less privileged people (irrespective of their background) with cash and kind at huge rate.
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Information flying here and there as relayed to Realities of Today's Blog by Wale around last week revealed that he planned to donate materials to state and local parastatals in commemoration of his Birthday.

As he celebrates his 59th Birthday, he donates hospital beds to state-owned hospitals.

Happy Birthday Senator Buruji Kashamu, enjoy the rest of your years in good health.

See pictures below 

President Muhammadu Buhari Death Rumour; Tips and Considerations

Arguably, the death of a poor man in the society has no meaning and account to the general public while the sojourn of a rich popular person raises a lot of eyebrows. Simply put, the irony of life is like a chameleon full of dramas where life is light while the opposite (death) is "darkness". The respect given to the life of an individual is directly connected to their position in the society (profession, occupation, national duties/assignment), which therefore grants them the same respect at their demise.

Death rumour in Nigeria's politics is not a new development to the updated/informed being from inception till date (except for cases withheld for traditional rites). Among the list of the death-rumoured dignitaries who lived afterwards were;  Awujale of Ijebu Land - Oba Sikiru Adetona,Ooni of Ile Ife - Oba Sijuade Okunade, Governor of Kogi State - Yahaya BelloFormer Delta State Governor - Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan,Former President - Ibrahim Babangida, Former President - Olu…

Unbelievable facts about MALARIA

Here are some key points on malaria..........
 • Malaria was first identified in 1880 as a disease caused by parasitic infection

 • The name of the disease comes from the Italian word mal'aria, meaning "bad air"

 • Malaria is transmitted to humans through bites by infected mosquitoes

 • The most common time for these mosquitoes to be active is between dusk and dawn

 • Worldwide, there were an estimated 198 million cases of malaria in 2013 and 584,000 deaths

 • Malaria occurs mostly in poor, tropical and subtropical areas of the world

 • Malaria was eliminated from the US in the early 1950s, but the mosquitos that carry and transmit the malaria parasite still remain, creating a constant risk of reintroduction

 • Reported malaria cases in the US reached a 40-year high of 1,925 in 2011

• A malaria vaccine for humans is close to being approved for use in Europe

• An estimated 3.4 billion people in 106 countries and territories are at risk of malaria - nearly half of the w…

Mango Leaves: Remedy to Diabetes and Hypertension

Diabetes  and  hypertension is one of  the most  prevalent  condition  affecting  the man's health Status.. Various  researches  have  been carried  out  so as to source  out profound remedies... Through much search  and researches  the cheapest  of all ensues.
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Prof. Moses Adeniji, a Consultant Plant Pathologist at the Herbal Treatment Home of Human Diseases, Orogun, Ibadan, has disclosed that mango leaves can successfully cure diabetes at the early stage.
Adeniji made this disclosure in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Ibadan on Wednesday. He said that the tender leaves of the mango tree contain “tannis”, known as “anthocyanidins’’, could treat early diabetes and some other diseases at their early stage. He said that the leaves could be dried and grinded into powder and could also be used as infusion to treat some diseases.
“The most useful parts of the leaves are the tender, reddish or purplish part, while the ol…

Sleep; A Necessity for Healthy Living

There is nothing in life that is more valuable than a fantastic health status i.e. poor state of any of these (body, mind and soul) can warrant a threat to one's degree of happiness. Happiness is therefore far more than the luxury of life possessed by mankind whose power cannot control "sleep".
Sleep in a layman term means resting but believe me it is a little more than that. Sleep is a natural state in which the human mind and body get some rest (MIND AND BODY), the eyes is closed and consciousness is partly or completely lost meaning you are being hibernated or temporarily shut down. Naturally sleep comes with amazing benefits. Some of the benefits may surprise you 
1. Less forgetfulness  Sleeping enough improves the memory and invariably you forget less. With less sleep, the brain gets tired, hence forgetting a lot. 
2. Reduced emotional volatility  Sleep is vital for your emotional state. Lack of sleep causes your brain to amplify neg…