Sleep; A Necessity for Healthy Living

Why Sleep is Necessary
There is nothing in life that is more valuable than a fantastic health status i.e. poor state of any of these (body, mind and soul) can warrant a threat to one's degree of happiness. Happiness is therefore far more than the luxury of life possessed by mankind whose power cannot control "sleep".

Sleep in a layman term means resting but believe me it is a little more than that. Sleep is a natural state in which the human mind and body get some rest (MIND AND BODY), the eyes is closed and consciousness is partly or completely lost meaning you are being hibernated or temporarily shut down. Naturally sleep comes with amazing benefits. Some of the benefits may surprise you 

1. Less forgetfulness 
Sleeping enough improves the memory and invariably you forget less. With less sleep, the brain gets tired, hence forgetting a lot. 

2. Reduced emotional volatility 
Sleep is vital for your emotional state. Lack of sleep causes your brain to amplify negative emotions. With enough sleep you have less chance of being emotionally inflammable and volatile.

3. Improves learning 
When you sleep,you refresh your brain, increasing its capability to learn for both kids and adults. The brain learns  readily and easily when it's fresh. 

4. Increased muscle building 
Without sleep, muscle building is reduced. This is why sleep is a requirement in Fitness magazines. 

5. Reduces headache, generalised malaise, heart complications(with sleep Blood pressure becomes normalized), diabetes (enough sleep helps the body to use up blood glucose spontaneously) and a lot more.

 In conclusion, joke not with your precious 8 hours sleep as it improves your cognitive and physical functionality.... Always keep your mind and bodily state on check.


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