Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Run for Presidency; Lesson for African Nations

Trump and Clinton Legacy for Africans

The way developed nations of the world (America in particular) go about their things is extremely out of the sight of an average African man. Thus, the significant difference goes beyond the economical stand of the nation as other manifestation reflect in their cultural heritage values, beliefs, traditions, norms e.t.c Nevertheless, the rationale behind emulating the lifestyle comes to stay due to the negative et positive impact of globalization. 

• What is it the black race don’t want to copy from the white folks?
• Is it there dress sense we wanna talk about, their music, their governance style, their eating habit, work habit, marital choices to mention but a few. 
Vehemently, all has been dubbed leaving the black race in a state of confusion. 

Without mincing words, the concern of this piece is channeled to their conduct of electoral processes – registration, debate, campaign, voting and outcome of the election. As it ever occur to you that democracy is strictly followed by Americans without 1% error of significance. The transition from the first democratic President “Andrew Jackson to the incumbent American President – Barrack Obama to the aspiring duo Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had never been short of dramas. 

 Following the democratic style of government where election results are determined by the electorate, where debate session would have been thoroughly scrutinized by the public in line with strong manifestoes. This is the reality of America government today where aspiring leaders will be head over heels in talk to convince and not confuse the general public on their will and capacity to rule the nation. 

To Donald Trump, the aggressive and passionate republican candidate proving stunt that he is certainly what Americans need for a brighter and safer future. 

To Hillary Clinton, the former United State Secretary of State and the wife of one-time-president of American “Bill Clinton”. You never can understand the power of a women of her status who is already familiar with how the American system runs.  

Following the Democratic Spirit to Glory 
• Determination: It is reflective from the debate of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton that the duo are determined at all cost to get the seat but it is never recorded in human history that two winners emerge in a contest. One must triumph over the other no matter the closeness of the result. 
Passion: Determination grease one’s passion in any realm of human endeavour; politics in particular. Who amongst the duo can you say is not passionate about the seat? Is it the woman that had been in the government house for a while or the business mogul who is versatile with how the economy runs. It is not an understatement that the duo are indeed passionate about the presidential seat but the seat will eventually belong to one. 
• Interest: The will of the aspiring candidates boils down to the people ahead of their party regardless of either they are republican, democrat or libertarian. 
Debates: The two sessions of debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were filled with dramas ranging from revelation of secret issues; private scandals, business affairs, relationship with Americans and lots more. 
This spirit is worth emulating #Dear Africans
Aspire Africa; Greatness lies within


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