Signs, Symptoms, and Management of Conjunctivitis (Often called Apollo)

How to Care for Conjunctivitis

The Eyes - "Window of the Soul", "General Overseer of the Body", "Key to Sail through Day and Night" for no reason can be joked with by any sensible individual. In essence, it is the most crucial of all other organs - nose, mouth, skin, ear. This bilateral organ embedded in the ventral section of the human skull is always exposed to various microbes, allergies or chemical irritants one way or the other and all of this  leads to its inflammation. 

Conjunctivitis (also called pink eye in North America, madrias eye in India and Apollo in this part of the world; Nigeria) is the  inflammation of the conjunctiva which is the outermost layer of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelid. 

It is believed that this infection is usually caused by  micro-organisms (bacteria,virus,chlamydial) as well  as exposure to various allergens and chemical irritants for instance cigarette smoke, dust,  perfumes, foreign body in the eye (e.g Contact lens)

In adults and children the most common organism causing pink eye is the staphylococcus aureus which is a type of bacteria. When the inflammation occurs the individual present with symptoms like redness of eye, itching, tearing, swelling of the conjunctiva as well as mucous -like discharge.
Noticeably, this infection is very contagious in nature without having to spend hours gazing into the infected eyes. 


Generally, diagnosing conjunctivitis its best to put the manifestation in consideration as it gives clear idea of what is happening but in some cases more investigation is essential (for instance swabs for  microbes is taken so as to be cultured.


The best and most effective ways of preventing pink eye is hygiene and not rubbing the eyes with infected hands.  However, majority of conjunctivitis resolves without treatment but in some other cases the use of Gutt antibiotics, corticosteriods and antihistamine is essential.


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