How Consciousness Can Free Nigeria from Slavery of Today

Conscious Self
Since Nigeria got their independence, things have been comme ci comme ça, just as the holy spirit was wandering on the surface of Water. Invariably, the leadership of Nigeria has not yielded the much-anticipated freedom from the slavery of the British era. However, it is worrisome that slavery thrives in the hands of the ruler even after the demise of colonial masters as against the masses' interest.

Slavery today is noticeable on various platforms; the relationship between the ruled and the ruler; the share of nation's wealth; available opportunities to move from one status to another; discrimination on a regional basis (West, South, North, East); choice of leadership and lots more.

How to conquer slavery today
All the highlighted form of slavery came prior Nigeria's independence and still thrives in contemporary time "21st century". This is indeed a part of the justification for the under-developed state of the self-proclaimed "Giant of Africa" among her contemporaries. The agreeable way out championed by Karl Marx as witnessed in some nations (Tunisia, Libya, Ghana, Uganda, China) is "CONSCIOUSNESS".

Consciousness is the cornerstone of change and development which cometh in different dimensions spearheaded by different classes of people i.e. privileged and the less-privileged. It is possible such consciousness cometh from the ruler while it can also move in an upward direction from the ruled. Practically, Ghana's case was pioneered by Jerry John Rawlings while that of Tunisia and Libya was from the general masses. In simplicity, whenever an individual understands his/her situation, he finds way out (violently/non-violently) within his reach.

Nonetheless, the need to re-awaken Nigerians' consciousness cannot be underestimated for the sake of her development to compete with her contemporaries. In time past and recently, the consciousness of Nigerians has always been priced, negotiated and bought with gift items and cash which differ massively from the catered away funds in the years to come.

Noticeably, the consciousness of Nigerians has improved tremendously compared to yesteryears under the rulership of People's Democratic Party where low turnout rates of voters were recorded. A turn-around actually started when Nigerian's turn out en masse to vote for Goodluck Ebele Jonathan with the notion that a new dawn as come but the celebrated First Nigerian Graduate President was voted out in 2015 due to the sight of a "messiah". Unfortunately, the messiah knew nothing about the state of the economy and how to maintain the status quo. This is why the consciousness of Nigerians needs to be stirred up in order not to be cajoled in the coming election year as previously experienced.

At the moment, the consciousness level among Nigerians are of different category;
Nigeria's Consciousness Today
The chart above shows youths' consciousness on the high side, while the consciousness of elderly illiterates, poor masses, women of reproductive age and above are on a low side. This chart is agreeable due to the turnout rate for electoral processes and the reactions of these set of people to current trends "politics" i.e. state of the nation. Unfortunately, the much needed consciousness to save Nigeria from slavery today is in obscurity.

Note, only if women of reproductive age and above (the largest part of Nigeria's population behind youths) are fully aware of the situation at hand, path to triumph over slavery in contemporary time remains visible. Here is the path to improving the consciousness needed to come out of slavery in Nigeria today.
  • Let there be rigorous public debate by electorates
  • Let people turn out en masse to cast their vote
  • Orientate the elderly illiterates on the situation at hand
  • and Revolt where necessary


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