Why Trumpism Ideology Will Harm Americans Unexpectedly

How Trump Ideology can harm Americans
The greatness of America as a nation today has a connection with the contribution of people of different races (white, black or half cast) from earliest time till date. Since Rome was not built in a day, special praises should be given to appropriate contributors - governor, president, entrepreneur, inventor, e.t.c.

Noticeably, the arrow head of the United States of America,the President had been instrumental in the struggle for development from the days of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, George Bush's, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, and recently Donald Trump. Outcome of  the 2016 Presidential election left people (within and outside the states) shocked as the World anticipated for the first Female President due to poll results and debate.

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However, the ideology of Donald Trump's "Trumpism" during and after election remains worrisome due to its manifestation even at the early days of governance. Few of these manifestations are mentioned below ;
  • the twitter rift with China, 
  • the twitter rant with Iran,
  • the immigration sanctions, 
  • the open threat against terrorist nations.
The good in Trumpism is the passion to re-build and re-strengthen America "Lets Make America Great Again" as proclaimed by Donald Trump himself during the campaign while the ugly side will only do more harm to his passion. Discrimination in whatsoever form (except for homosexual acts) in 21st century will not only make the entity a safe haven but rather sprawl uncontrollable enmity among nations. So far, countries of today occupy the same geographical space "earth" regardless of their continents, open discrimination will only lead to more threats and disasters.

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In essence, if Trumpism ideology remains the same throughout his tenure - his case will not be different from the anti-corruption pursuit of President Muhammadu Buhari (which is quite unproductive). Considering the IQ level of his cabinet, a better strategic approach is needed to protect United States of America from unnecessary  attack (remember September 11) rather than an open discrimination.

To the Trumps, do not toil with discrimination because;
  • It breeds generational enmity
  • It can cause unexpected attack
  • It threatens the safety of general masses and structures
  • It is never the best path to crush enemies
  • It brings about disunity in diversity
#Obedience is better than Sacrifice#
#God Bless America#


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