How to Play Safe on any Date with New Found Love of Yours

One of the most anticipated days for lovebirds in a new year is the Valentine’s Day, which incubated in itself anticipations and surprises as spouses, incoming spouses, and crushes are on the lookout. The market also feel the effect as most people are buying and making reservations for the one they love and cherish. This Romania holiday is often a day of gift exchange and romance and it is often tagged the ‘most romantic day of the year’.

How to Outsmart Core Restrictions for Blogging Success

Businesses today regardless of their nature face a significant amount of competitions, and restrictions in order to make ends meet compared to yesteryears. Some of these blocks (in fact majority of such) go a long way to determine the immediate success and long-term relevance of businesses as the World continue to change.

Play these Political Cards and Smile Eventually After 2019 Election

As election year draws closer by the day, incumbent officeholders and prospective ones are busy applying various strategies to win the soul of voters “the general masses” in Nigeria. Whether or not the general masses are beneficiaries of this particular government, their collective voice “vote” has the power to either retain the stone or move it completely. 
In essence, there are several cards that can be played by the general masses to enable them "smile" after 2019 electoral processes. Such cards are worthy of discussion considering the controversies surrounding President Buhari’s administration and his second term bid.

In the midst of plenty cards, it is advisable for the general masses to: get permanent voter’s card exercise the power of the permanent voter’s card to the brim sensitize people on the need to vote sensitize people on the risk of low turnout accept stomach care plan without any form of ritualism get involve in all the electoral processbe a watchdog in your …

Facts Surrounding President Muhammadu Buhari’s "Controversial" Second Term Bid

It is no longer news that President Buhari eyes a second term bid just like his predecessors in the history of Nigeria except for the case of untimely death. This public declaration of Mr President has generated a lot of controversies among different categories of people – intelligentsias, politicians, business mogul and the general masses. 
The first direct attack on this second term bid can be traced to an open letter served by Ovation International CEO “Mr Dele Momodu”. In case you are not familiar with the letter, the bottom line of the statement he made was that Mr President should let go of the second term bid stating that majority of the frontiers were just against the Realities of Today. He noted clearly that it would be more dignifying i.e. grace saving to leave the helms of Nigeria’s affairs without further harm or accident to the general masses and the state of the economy. The embodiment of his letter is similar to a letter served by Obasanjo to Goodluck Jonathan. 

Why Trending Technology "Sex Doll" Cannot Match Human Sexual Exercise

Just as we are trying to get over some humiliation that has eaten deep into our cultural and religious system, then an inane perversion was shoved down our throat. We have been contented with robots running our official jobs and our domestic chores, but doing our “private stuff”? NO. Please don’t ask me if I am angry, but I am ireful. 
Although the invention of this newest creation is a Eureka to some set of people and oppositely, a disgust to some. Robots already build our cars, clean our houses and make our food – now manufacturers just created life-like, moving dolls for sexual purposes - orientation and demonstration. The designer of this love machine, Sergi Santos, apparently made it in different forms depending on one's taste. 
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Why Innocent Killings Will Not Stop in Nigeria Today

By Nature, death remains a special gift packaged for all living creatures (human being inclusive) regardless of their socio-demographics, popularity as a result of wealth or even position in the society. Some deaths are naturally caused, some are coincidental by individual actions or reactions to one another while some are consciously engineered by either an individual or group of people for a "just cause".

The core concern of this piece addresses the innocent killings engineered by/for an individual or group of people in Nigeria. Without mincing words, innocent killings of individual/groups have been as old as Nigeria itself. A recap of the sudden demise of frontline freedom fighters, politicians - Dele Giwa, Bola Ige, Muritala Muhammed, Tunde Idiagbon, M.K.O Abiola and host of others. On a group note, clashes between religious groups/communities have also led to several innocent killings too. For instance, Ife-Modakeke clash, Maitatsine Operation, Ogoni Nine (Ken Saro-Wiw…

Eight (8) Natural Gift that Comes with Harmattan Season in Nigeria

Naturally, every 365 days has its peculiarity, depending on the month and  God's preferred timing. Such seasonal changes have different specificity, based on the region, country or the continent in question e.g. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and so on. However, the basic seasonal changes in Nigeria are Rainy season, Dry season and Harmattan season, which is a subunit of the dry season.
By nature, these periods come with both pleasant and unpleasant gifts for human beings irrespective of their profession or location. This is the reason human beings never stop complaining when it comes to any season. For instance, when its' the raining period they say it is disturbing their activities while the farmers amongst them would be grateful for their plants and animal. In the dry season, majority keep complaining of scorch that follows the sun. In essence, this supports the notion that human wants are insatiable.
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